Head of Laboratory

Simon Phipps


MacGregor Building, Level 5


  • Dr Sean Yang
  • Dr Vivian Zhang


  • Alice McGovern - PhD
  • Ayaka Ando PhD
  • Jennifer Leech PhD
  • Jason Lynch PhD
  • Zhixuan (Ken) Loh PhD
  • Jaisy Eacharath PhDKhang Duong PhD
  • Ashik Ullah - PhD
  • Ariel Woo Hons
  • Tracy Tongol Hons
  • Matt Rogers Hons
  • Zenglong (Matt) Zhang Hons
  • Rhiannon Werder Hons


Innate immune processes that underlie the pathogenesis of allergic asthma, emphysema and bronchiolitis

Dr Phipps research program employs both in vitro and in vivo model systems to elucidate the relationship between innate pattern recognition receptors (PRR) and the programming of aberrant immunologic processes that underlie the development of distinct endophenotypes of asthma, emphysema and virus-associated bronchiolitis. The group also has an interest in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) formation and the contribution of BALT to host defense.

Full list of publications

Research Support (last 5 years)

2012 - 2014. S.Phipps, J.Upham. A$533,675.
National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant. Defective toll-like receptor 7 signalling underlies the inception and exacerbations of asthma.

2012 - 2014. M.Smythe, J.Flanigan, S.Phipps. A$417,340
National Health and Medical Research Council Development Grant Towards new therapeutic treatments for asthma.
2010 - 2012. S.Phipps, J.Simpson. A$654,875.
National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant. The pathogenesis of distinct endophenotypes of asthma is underpinned by the collaborative activation of specific PRRs.
2008 - 2010. S.Phipps. A$392,125.
National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant. Pneumovirus infection in infancy affects the development of life-long adaptive immunity.