• Available projects: Metabolism of medium chain fatty acids in brain. For Honours and PhD projects please email Associate Professor Borges.
  • Associate Professor Karin Borges and her research team are conducting research into using medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oils to provide protection from seizures in people with the debilitating neurological disorder epilepsy.

    Associate Professor Borges and her team recently completed two clinical trials at the Queensland Children’s Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, demonstrating promising results for the less-restrictive alternative treatment.

    Next will be a large-scale international clinical trial. Potential trial participants can register their interest by emailing Associate Professor Borges.

  • Development of triheptanoin as a new anticonvulsant treatment - reviewed on Youtube.

  • Associate Professor Borges together with Professor Terence O’Brien, started a clinical trial of triheptanoin in epilepsy patients in July 2012 in Melbourne. The trial is funded by the Epilepsy Therapy Project through the American Epilepsy Research Foundation