Our laboratory at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, is trying to unravel the molecular mechanisms that drive cardiac regeneration. Some of the projects currently being pursued in our laboratory include:


Post-natal control of cardiac gene regulatory networks.

Epigenetic modifications are critical for the precise temporal regulation of gene expression during heart development. We are trying to map the changes in the genomic landscape during post-natal heart development to identify the molecular drivers of cardiac regeneration during early developmental stages.


Modelling human heart development using human cardiac organoids.

Recent advances in stem cell sciences and tissue engineering are providing unparalleled opportunities to generate human heart tissues in a dish. We are using human cardiac organoids to understand the mechanisms that regulate the developmental maturation of human heart muscle.


Functional genomic screens for cardiovascular drug discovery.

We are also applying unbiased screening approaches to identify novel therapeutic candidates for cardiac regeneration in human cardiac organoids.