Associate Professor Karin Borges studied Biology and obtained her PhD in Neurobiology in Germany. She continued her education as a postdoctoral fellow and instructor at Emory University (USA) and then as Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University. Since 2009 at the University of Queensland, her long-term goal is to find new treatments for neurological disorders, including metabolic approaches for epilepsy. She discovered a novel fuel, triheptanoin, as a new metabolic treatment for epilepsy and Motor Neurone Disease and tested its effect in people with epilepsy. Currently, she is working to identify new improved metabolic treatments for brain disorders and their mechanisms of action.

About Research Seminar Series

The School of Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series presents seminars by international and national researchers as well as local researchers and postdocs.

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are held in the Otto Hirschfeld Building, Learning Theatre, 81-313 every second Friday from 1.00-2.00PM (note that this is the lecture theatre that you enter from outside on level 3 of Otto).