Dr François Hug (PhD) is a Professor at Nantes University (France) and a junior fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF). He is the head of the lab ‘Motricité, Interactions, Performance’, which consists of 25 permanent staff and >20 PhD students). He has a background in Human Movement Sciences (PhD in 2003, France).

His research focuses on the control of movement in health and disease. Specifically, using a neuromechanical approach he aims to understand the origin of individual muscle coordination strategies (or signatures) and their role in the development/persistence of musculoskeletal disorders. François has published over 145 publications/book chapters.

About Research Seminar Series

The School of Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series presents seminars by international and national researchers as well as local researchers and postdocs.

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are held in the Otto Hirschfeld Building, Learning Theatre, 81-313 every second Friday from 1.00-2.00PM (note that this is the lecture theatre that you enter from outside on level 3 of Otto).