This modern and spacious laboratory provides anatomical resources for students of health and medicine education, medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, and science, in an environment conducive to mastering this most demanding subject.

Students of Dentistry, Human Movement, and Pharmacy are also able to study human anatomy in a respectful environment, using the latest technologies. Teaching tools range from life-size skeletons, bones, and radiographic images to potted, plastinated and wet specimens.

SBMS Code of Conduct for Use of Donated Human Tissues

Code of conduct for use of donated human tissues

GAF Dissection Scholarships and RACS Awards

GAF Summer Dissection Scholarships – Information (PDF, 599.4 KB)

GAF Summer Dissection Scholarships – Application form (XLSX, 18 KB)

For Dissection Scholarship enquiries, please contact Andrew Veprek

For any general enquires, please contact the Gross Anatomy Facility Manager, Wesley Fisk.