Collaboration between faculties to breed success

29 Jan 2019
Dr Sherry Wu

Almost $400,000 in seed funding has been awarded to collaborative projects between The University of Queensland’s Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.

The grants are part of a new initiative between the two faculties to promote collaboration in research.

School of Biomedical Sciences cancer researcher Dr Sherry Wu said collaboration was a powerful research tool.

“Through everyone contributing their own expertise and working together, we’ll be able to achieve a much better outcome more efficiently,” Dr Wu said.

“That’s the beauty of collaboration between different faculties.

“Sometimes working on research projects, you can be too close to your project.

“So hearing different perspectives of researchers from outside your field is always useful as it can help provide new ideas and help develop new strategies.”

Dr Wu and School of Biomedical Sciences Dr James Cuffe will collaborate with School of Pharmacy Professor Greg Monteith and Mater Research Institute-UQ’s Dr Felicity Davis.

The team will investigate how cancer cells secrete exosomes, tiny vesicles that could contain factors that promote cancer growth.

This research could ultimately lead to development of new cancer therapeutics.

A full list of the researchers involved in the 10 projects is below.

HaBS-Med Collaborative Seeding Grants 2019



Other CIs



Eric Chung

PAH Clinical/Med

Jeff Coombes(HMNS)
Tina Skinner(HMNS)
Tom Bailey(HMNS)


Effects of Exercise on Erectile Function and Cardiovascular Health in Men with Prostate Cancer: A Feasibility Study


Felicity Han


Tushar Kumeria(Pharm)

James Falconer(Pharm)

Biodegradable “micro pump” containing analgesics to produce long-acting pain relief towards clinical use


David Jenkins


Stephen Mattarollo (UQDI)
Tina Skinner(HMNS)


The influence of exercise intensity on the inflammatory, immune, and cytokine response in colorectal cancer survivors.


Kelly McGowan


Geoff Mitchell(Med)
Allyson Mutch(SPH)
Saso Ivanovski(Dent)
Pauline Ford(Dent)
Chris Sexton (Dent)
Marcin Sowa(CBEH)


Integrated model of diabetic and periodontal care


Tina Skinner


Peter Mollee (Med)
Michelle Smith (HRS)


Safety, feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of exercise in patients with multiple myeloma: a pilot study


Michelle Smith


Taylor Dick(SBMS)
Kylie Tucker(SBMS)
Natalie Collins(HRS)
Francois Hug (SBMS)
Bill Vicenzino(HRS)


The biomechanical profile and effectiveness of foot orthoses in ankle osteoarthritis


Phong Thai


Andrew Smirnov(QADREC)
Jake O'Brien(QAEHS)
Ellen Leslie(QAEHS)
Ben Tscharke(QAEHS)
Jason Ferris(C Hlth Services)
Cheneal Puljevic (C Hlth Services)

Interdisciplinary approach to comprehensive assessment of methylamphetamine use in regional Queensland.


Mieke van Driel

Primary Care/Med

Genevieve Dingle(Psych)

Maria Donald(Primary Care)

Riitta Partanen(Rural Clinical)

Cath Haslam(Psych)

When Benefits do not Outweigh Harms: Supporting General Practitioners to Discontinue Long-Term Antidepressant Use


Fisher Wang


Andi Deane(CHRC)
Peter Sly(CHRC)
Phong Thai(QAEHS)
Jochen Mueller(QAEHS)
Emmanuelle Fantino(CHRC)

Human exposure to personal care products – seven-year temporal trends and impacts on the Australian population


Sherry Wu


Greg Monteith(Pharm)
Felicity Davis(Mater)
James Cuffe(SBMS)


Understanding the role of calcium signalling in exosome secretion in cancer