Cell architecture

Cells are the building blocks of all life – providing structure and function to all living organisms – from human beings to microorganisms. Researchers at SBMS are studying the structural makeup of cells and how molecules are trafficked and regulated within this complex environment.

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Chronic diseases

Chronic disease is on the rise in Australia, with more than 50 per cent of Australians reported as having at least one chronic disease. SBMS researchers are discovering mechanisms of the causes and progression of, and designing therapies for, these long-term diseases.

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Drug design and development

Researchers at SBMS are developing novel therapeutics and repurposing established compounds to treat diseases including epilepsy, obesity, diabetes, cancer and neurological disorders. 

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Functional and comparative anatomy

SBMS researchers are using a range of methods to understand how anatomy relates to function in both the human and animal worlds, with applications including predicting motor function, pain management and rehabilitation.

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Innovation in biomedical education

Staff at the School of Biomedical Sciences are always seeking innovative ways to improve teaching and learning outcomes and help students develop lifelong skills in the complex scientific domain, internationally.

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Musculoskeletal and motor control

SBMS researchers are investigating muscle physiology, and the neural control and biomechanics of motor function in health and disease.

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Neurobiology and brain function

Our researchers are studying how the nervous system functions under both healthy and diseased conditions including obesity, diabetes, neurological disorders and brain cancer.

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Receptors and signalling

SBMS researchers study cell surface receptors and define downstream molecular pathways that become compromised in disease.

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Researchers at SBMS are studying stem and germ cells and interactions between the placenta, foetus and the environment during early development, endocrine biology and foetal and maternal health.

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