Viral Vector Core

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Maximising research success

The Viral Vector Core (VVC) specialises in the production of high-quality, affordable viral vectors to help boost your research capabilities. The VVC incorporates up-to-date technologies and a highly skilled team of specialists to deliver viral vectors for a wide range of research applications.

Full-service inclusions

Transfer plasmid

Our expert team can assist with designing, producing and purifying your plasmids to save you time and ensure that they are the most appropriate for your application.​ ​​

Viral vector production

Our full-service package includes all aspects of viral vector production, purification and titre measurement, delivering you affordable, ready-to-use viral vectors suitable for in vitro or in vivo work.​

Quality assurance

Our optimised workflows and production QC checklist ensures high standards are maintained with every prep. Additional QC testing is available on request.

Project design

Designing the most appropriate viral vector for you depends on many factors, including your study aims, target tissue and whether you're using it in vitro or in vivo.

Learn more about vector design   Visit our FAQ page for helpful tips

About the VVC

The facility's strategic direction is supported by an expert team of steering committee members and scientific advisors.

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