Before we are able to start making your viral vector, you must have approval from the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). If you don't already have an OGTR dealing that covers the work that you wish to carry out, you must apply for this through the IBC. Please contact us as soon as possible to get this started and help streamline the process. If you do have an OGTR dealing that covers this work, you simply need to add the VVC and facility staff to the dealing and we can get started right away. View submission and IBC meeting deadlines.

1. Identify your end-goal

The first step in designing a viral vector is to identify your end-goal. Do you have a gene that you want to up- or down-regulate? Do you want to target a particular tissue? Or perhaps you want to generate a stable cell line? Some other factors to consider when designing your vector are whether you want to target dividing or non-dividing cells; whether you want your target to be constitutively active or inducible; the size of your transgenes; whether you want a reporter/marker to be expressed; and whether this is for an in vitro or in vivo application.