The School of Biomedical Sciences Imaging Facilites is a core microscopy facility operated within The School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Queensland for the broader Southeast Queensland research community.  Within the facilities are a multitude of advanced microscopes for live and fixed cell and tissue imaging, as well as 3D image reconstruction and analysis software packages.

Equipment is available to researchers for use after an initial training session. All equipment bookings are handled by an online booking system. Accounts are issued monthly. The facility is managed by Dr Shaun Walters who is available for consultation on confocal microscopy related issues.
Contact us for:

  • Equipment training sessions
  • Advice relating to specific projects
  • Information on confocal microscopy applications (FRAP, FRET, etc)
  • Training and information relating to 2D or 3D image analysis
  • Image acquisition advice
  • Specimen preparation advice
  • Confocal microscopy troubleshooting


Confocal microscopes

Leica SP8 and Spinning Disk Microscopes

  • $30/hour internal
  • $55/hour external

Other Confocals

  • $20/hour internal 
  • $35/hour external

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Dr Shaun Walters

Ph:  (617) 3365 3606
Fax:  (617) 3365 4522

Mailing Address
School of Biomedical Sciences Imaging Facility.
Level 2, Skerman Building (65).

School of Biomedical Sciences,
The University of Queensland,
St Lucia Campus, Qld,